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YCN Goji: Branding the Packaging

From the research and the feedback I have received within crits I have applied the concept to the packaging of the goji products, the final packaging has come along way from my initial design, I think that within my initial designs the packaging was over designed and complex, whereas within the final design the concepts comes through clearly and the products speak through the packaging and the audience can clearly the full extent of the product they are buying which is important as it's going to be part of a fashion statement they are making. I have used the concept with the packaging and pushed it further by adding 'This your speaker' or 'this is your iphone case' which makes the product your buying feel personal and can become part of your individual, unique still but also that buy buying and wearing the product you become part of the greater goji collective. I have maintained the red colour scheme which is inherent to the brand. I have chosen to work with a recycled card stock which again is muted and allows the brand and product to speak through. 

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