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YCN Goji: Promoting the Campaign

I have selected a range of images to work with the concept to promote the goji brand, the images clearly show members of the target audience using the technology that the Goji brands make accessories for, furthermore the style and types of the people in the images are those who have there style in term of fashion which fits with the brands need to communicate fashion and individuality. 

To promote the brand I have designed a series of billboards which will be placed around city centres and public transport networks as these are both common places that you find members of the target audience furthermore the locations of these billboards are in places where the target audience is on the move which is a key aspect of the brand which is that the brand offers accessories for those who leads exciting, busy lives on the move. The red of the brand is strong and vibrant and stands out against the vivid imagery, this also draws in the attention of the audience and then the secondary message of 'wear it' is communicated to them. I have also includes web and social links within the billboards are the brand is truly digital as you both interact and purchase the brand online.

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