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YCN Goji: Creating Excitement and Promotion In-store

Another mandatory requirement of the brief was to consider how excitement about the new range of products could be created in store with both collages and customers. I thought this could be done with promotional bags which are given out with Goji purchase this makes the customer feel they brought into something new and exciting but it also promotes the brand in the street and members of the target audience will see the bags and head in store to check out the brand. 

Furthermore I have designed t-shirts for staff to wear, this creates excitement amongst the staff as they are wearing the t-shirt to promote a new product in store but furthermore the target will see the branded staff and can single them out in the store to find out more about the brand and possibly make a purchase. The brand design and concept has translated well onto the t-shirts as the colours have been swapped around but the same message is communicated just as clearly. 

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