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Design For Print & Web: Complete Brand Guidelines

For my final brand guidelines, I produced them at A5 size as I feel this size is a usable size for when the user wants to access something in the guidelines. However as this was a booklet and I can only print off the roll, I had a take my InDesign file of separate pages and put this onto one large document in InDesign which could then be printed in one run. After printing I cut this large sheet down into the smaller required A5 sheets. However an issue that arose from printing off the roll is that all of the pages were very curled. I first tried to remedy the situation by pressing the pages with books however the stock was too thick and this made no difference. After a joke made by my flatmate inspired the crazy idea of ironing the pages to make them flat needless to say this worked perfectly.

The final prints looked incredible, I was shocked at how close the print colour was to the actual RGB colour, so close you barely tear them apart. As this was first time i'd seen what the printer was capable I was extremely impressed with the final result.

One down side to way in which I had to print is that the stock became an issue, as the I only had a choice of two stock there was nothing I could do about this but as the stock was so think when the pages were out together to form the booklet it made a very thick booklet even though it was only 21 pages long.

To bind the booklet together I was initially intending to bind it a wire spiral bind however after some internet research I could only find them to buy in packs of 250 minimum which is unrealistic, So I bound the booklet with a white plastic comb which worked equally as well and complimented the white in the design.

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