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David Jones: Three Scamps

During the design for web module we were taught how to work like a professional web designer, so I applied these principles to how I worked with this my client David Jones. I produced a set of three scamps which presented three ideas to the client for him to chose from which I would then produce. This was an effective and professional way of working. Producing 3 scamps meant it focused my idea generation, it allowed me to be creative but focused my efforts which meant I could stick to my time management plan. To maintain a level of professionalism, I conversed with the client over e-mail and sent files through via PDF's. Working on this brief also meant I had to consider my technical competence and time frame in which I had to complete the work as the brief required me to produce a fully functioning and working website - this meant my ideas were some what limited by what I could technically achieved on my own as a designer. 

Within my designs from the range of critical contextual research I had done a appropriate and relevant sites I looked at, I tried to bring in design UI elements from this sites and work them into my own designs as it's important to remember that website design needs to be functional and user friendly. Within my design I have made use of light typography and lot's of white space which conveys this sense of a healthy lifestyle which is what my client wants to promote in his website. 

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