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Design For Print & Web: Progress Crit 2 Boards

After deciding to change my idea a day before the progress crit! It had a day to get some ideas together to present at the crit! Working with the name and concept of Takeover I first took to paper to draft out some initial sketches and idea before moving into illustrator a more solid visual concept in my mind, which was to use type and the logo the type will form to some how use the format and bounds of the screen to takeover the screen, essentially using the world Takeover to some how takeover the screen therefore communicating the concept of the channel in a visual form.

Initially I started to work with the colours red and black, this was simply a way to test out ideas but I'm not thinking about colour at this stage.

Firstly I worked though a selection of different typefaces, I felt a bold and solid sans-serif typeface would be appropriate to form the brand, as the brand is strong and powerful and these fonts communicate these visual cues.

I experimented with solid filled text and also stroke outlined text, I felt the solid text worked much better as it was stronger and bolder whereas the the outline text felt slightly more weak visually, it also doesn't work well with images, as the text has no dominance over the image which I want the type to have.

After an exploration of typefaces, I finally decided on ARS Marquette, I decided on this font as it was strong and bold - the qualities I was looking for, but it also worked well in different weights which work well when progressing the brand across different variants of the logo such as the HD and +1 variants of the logo.

After deciding on the typeface, I wanted to experiment with how the logo will work with imagery on the channel. I explored different variants of the logo. I tried opacities over the image but this distracted from the image and make the type unclear as well, it just didn't work. I experimented with having the logo fill up with colour, although this both work well and conveying the correct message visually, it's not something that could be easily translated into print. I also looked at using blocks of colour with the logo with worked, in the sense that it 'takes over' the screen but also that it provides space to for other content to be placed over the image. The logo, positioning and format of logo I felt worked the best was the logo which is positioned on a diagonal line and slightly distorted upwards, I think this works the best out of the developed ideas as it looks like less like typical TV design. It complements the images well, it offers scope for further development, it also communicate the idea of takeover and the logo taking of the screen but is much less generic than normal type.

Finally I started to consider colour, within the final design board I have worked with a shade of green and incorporated with the shade of medium grey and white. The colour works well with the white and is also readable against the images. However some more thought is needed! - I'm not completely happy with it, its just making think of the environment and though it work in the aspects of readability and legibility it doesn't communicate power.

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