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David Jones: Development

Once the client has chosen the design he liked the best and we had discussed what changes needed to be made I began to digitalise the scamp. The process of constant communication with the client and taking on board there feedback and taught me a level of professionalism and also how professional graphic designers work and how the client is ultimately making the decision about the direction of the project. Once again, once the website was digitalised in photoshop this was sent to the client for proofing before any coding began. After receiving approval from the client I moved forward with the project and began to code the website. 

I was able to keep on schedule with my time management due to the client always being available for contact via email and I was lucky in that he was fast in getting back to me, however this led me to wonder that some client may take a long time in getting back to you which can throw any organisation and time management out of the window.   

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