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David Jones: Stationary

I decided to use this logo as I felt it had the strongest concept behind it, however it got rid of the word pure but I felt it was a long name and hard to remember whereas just stating 'persona training' means new clients will understand immediately the service he offers. However the plus is a symbol meaning purity however the plus can also stand for gain, such as the gain in confident, happiness and muscle all quality that the client can offer as a personal trainer. 

I wanted to create a range of stationary that brand could be applied to, but stationary that would be appropriate for a personal trainer, this included invoices with letterheads and matching envelops for both the use of invoicing clients as well as send out letters to clients.

Business cards are also a vital piece of stationary that the client could use in order to gain new clients as its a word of mouth business and he get new clients and give his details out easily with a business card. 

I also thought a document wallet would also be appropriate as the client also offers tailored programmes and these could be presented in a branded document wallet along with branded pages inside to make the client have a more professional presence in his industry. 

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