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Design For Print & Web: Takeover Mail Shot

For the mail shot I have also used the new concept that I have devised to run along the existing concept and this features on the outer of the envelope however the design within the leaflet return to print style used throughout the rest of my print products.

The concept behind the overall design of the mail shot is to hide the leaflet and disguise it in a normal envelope, the reason for this is that a lot of junk mail about TV, such as sky and Virgin Media gets sent through people letter boxes and consequently isn't read and I don't want the image I just within my design to make my work appear like these other generic mail shots. This is why I have packaged the leaflet as normal envelope and this is because everyone like to open an envelope even if it junk just to see whats inside.

The leaflet booklet itself, inside of the envelope is a series of pages which detail the shows and programmes coming to the channel and also explain each of the different types of takeover that happen on the channel, this is so people understand the format of the channel and will encourage them to tune in.

I again used neon green stock for the leaflet, but in a thin paper variant, however the stock is only neon green on the one side so I used this to my advantage and printed the colour images on the white reverse of the page and the black text on the neon green side of the stock.

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