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Design For Print & Web: Takeover Website


Takeover Homepage
With the Takeover homepage the immediate emphasis is placed on the upcoming programming on the channel and this then complimented by what is currently showing on the channel I felt this was an important feature to have to get people watching the channel. Other elements like a twitter feed and app advert have been included on the homepage to promote the interactivity you can have with the channel. 

Watch Page
With this page I wanted to place the focus on the video and not have much other distracting content, I also wanted to keep the same layout as used on the homepage to incorporate these two ideas I blurred the header image and placed the video box on top of this, the final result work well as the background image can change in accordance to which show is being watched. 

Shows Page
Again I wanted to maintain simplicity and ease of use throughout the site here the shows are presented in an easy to use grid for easy access to all the shows shown on the channel.

Schedule Page
The page has difficult to construct as there is only information needed for one channel rather than a normal channel which has multiple channel, however I placed focus on the descriptions so people have idea of what episodes are being shown and not just the particular show. 

Youtakeover page
With this page I wanted the user to feel the power that they and for the focus to be on the live results and the live effect the auidence is having on the vote this is why I have included the percentage bar in the header so the user engages with this first. Furthermore I have made the buttons large for optimal ease of use when voting. 

Join the takeover page
A simpel page to allow people to sign up for Takeover in order for them to vote more easily through twitter and through the website.

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