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Design For Print & Web: I Saw the 'Green' Light

After speaking to James he gave me good news the colour is printable after all! Which means I can make the right decision with my colour branding and pick the colour that is working for the channel! The colour works as it's readable and legible against both white and image background, but more so that colour is more original in term of 'typical' TV design, it's not a colour you'd traditionally see on a TV channel, so therefore this colour will help to set my channel apart from other competing channels.

However there are some limitation to printing this colour which will affect how and what I will be able to design. The colour can only be printed using one of the printers james has in the Digital Dungeon and he only carried two stocks for the printer, this is a smooth and texture this is not a problem as I can work with the smooth stock as the textured stock is like an antique paper which simply isn't appropriate for a modern TV channel. The other limitation is that you can only print single sided through the printer which again isn't too much of a problem as I can duplex pages together in order to achieved a double page effect. The stock is also provided off the roll which means I will have to design to 60cm width and unlimited height when designing, again not a major problem as I can cut smaller prints down using the guillotine. The major concern I do have is that the stock can not be folded in anyway as it simple crumbles and creases along the fold destroying both the stock and ink printed onto it - this means I can only print items that are going to be flat.

I am still going to continue to use the green colour and work within these constraints as the green is right and fitting for the brand.

I can also consider how I can use stock that is already coloured with the green and printing on top of that which will offer me the ability to print onto a stock that can be folded and such.

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