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Design For Print & Web: Re-Written Brief 2

Design For Print & Web: What is 'Typical TV' Design?

I've hit a brick wall with my ISTD brief and stuck with the fact that the original brief says to stay away from 'typical' TV, yet the brief doesn't define what 'typical' design is. I have become stuck with this element of the brief as I feel like everything I'm doing has been done before. However Lorraine provided some insight into this, in that yes everything has been done before but it's about doing this in different ways and perhaps evoking new emotions in the target auidence. To to start to move forward with the brief I want to define and 'Typical' and what I don't want to do in this brief in hope this will enlighten me and provide some idea of what I do want to do with the brief.

Design For Print & Web: How to move forward with Channel X

Think about why channels have the colour they have? E4, purple and white targeted at a younger generation 18-30 whereas the old more 4 branding is black and green, which are the opposite to these colours and this channel is aimed at an older generation and has more informative and serious programming.

nothing is new and everything has been done before, but it's about doing things in new ways and evoking or familiar is certain cases in the auidence.

Define typical and list everything you don't want your TV channel design to do

Make a sheet of possible names and then get rid of the ones you don't like, get a smaller list of possible names and see what you can do with them

Re write a more focused brief

What specific shows might the channel show, with a slight male bias, the channel is targeting a male auidence which doesn't rule our the female viewer, but a scenario maybe that the male picks the channel and the tv show which the female viewer then engages with an enjoys

Design For Print & Web: Progress Crit 1 Feedback

For this crit my work had progressed a considerable amount I had now developed a logo which worked across a range of variants and I had started to mock up how this would look on screen incorporating logos, images and text to form this. 

  • A lot of visuals helps to understand where you are at and what you are aiming for. Strong concept using the qube as a base for designs. We can see a lot of logo development work
  • The tv type logo works in context and is spot on
Areas for improvement
  • Maybe having a colour scheme would help out the development of the logo further
  • Feedback on sheet (shown above) 
  • The logo is too big in some places where you have placed it in context
  • Maybe consider using CNTRL as a name
  • Look like youtube logo, reminds me of youtube although I do like it
  • Where will auidence come into contact with the work
  • Product, range and distribution 
Moving Forward
  • I need to fully ensure the logo is original and is best communicating the concept of the channel 
  • Consider starting to work with colour scheme to see further how the logo is working on a contextual basis
  • Confirm if this is defiantly the name I want to use - 'Qube'

Design For Print & Web: Progress Crit 1 Boards

Since the first concept crit based on the feedback I've moved quite a bit forward with the project. Since the name dice and logo were very generic and many of them looked very similar to existing logos for existing companies. I've changed the name to 'Qube' which I now think is a much stronger name. The name qube works on many levels within the brands ethos. Qube works in terms of channel's content which provides variety because there are many sides to a qube which is similar to how the channel offer different variety of shows and it also works in terms the different genres of programming that the channel shows. The term qube also translates into how the channels functions visually as the visual aesthetic of the channel is based on a rubics qube. The way the channel looks visually is based on the 9 cubes that feature on the side of the rubics qube. The tv screen is split into 9 rectangles which is where the channel information is placed such as the logo, upcoming shows. 

Design For Print & Web: Concept Crit

In the concept crit I presented this rough idea which is an example of how the channel with function on screen and how content could be displayed, however this is in the very early stages and needs a lot of development, but the idea of working the visuals around how a rubics cube works was liked by those in my crit.

The progress crit was extremely helpful as it gave me feedback at a stage I needed, as I'm at the stage of developing the concept it's crucial I get this right and having input from other will help identify any flaws in my ideas. I presented a two boards with logo ideas and names and also a sheet of research as well several design sheets. The main feedback I received was that many of the I have designed already existed or similar variants of the logo were already out there. However it was said that my idea behind the channel of offering choice and variety was a ethos to start developing a name around. At this point I haven't decided on a name but I am heavily considering Dice, this got mixed reviews in the crit but at this stage it's hard to say as a concept needs to be based around it so more work needs developing in this area. Switch was also a name suggested a by a few people in the crit as being something that I could potentially call the channel. 

Design For Print & Web: Concept Pitch

For the concept the area I wanted to focus on is getting some sort of name together or even a selection of names together that I am considering, this is where I began! After reading the brief, I developed an idea of what they required the channel to be and combined this with what I also wanted to do with the channel and this meant that I started to develop an ethos for the channel and this came in the form of the channel providing mixture, variety, choice and control to it's auidence. A range of names stemmed from these words and their meaning such as dice. Out the names I currently I'm seriously considering Dice as this implies the choice and variety offered by the channel but we'll see what happens in the crit. I moved this name over to design a couple of logos that could potentially work with the name. I didn't have a lot of time to think these through but they have potential to be developed. I have also started to look at what existing channels that are competing with my channel's content, what they're visual style looks like as this brief will involve a lot of visual research to ensure i'm being innovative in my TV design so it's not typical. 

Design For Print & Web: Re-written Brief

Design For Print & Web: Selecting A Brief

Lorraine ran a studio session to help us figure out which brief would be best for us to pick and continued ahead with, after choosing a brief we were asked a series of questions which all required 5 answers and sometimes these answers were in the form of more question. I gained a lot out of workshop as it helped me to get rid of all the jargon and pointless english that was complicating the brief and to bare bones of what the brief is asking me to do! I have chosen the Channel X brief and subsequently raised and answered these questions....

Design For Print & Web: 3 Briefs

Design For Web: Final Art Boards

Design For Web: Final Crit

  • Usability is really interesting, like the scroll feature
  • Consistent & very effective colour scheme, bright but clear
  • I love the typeface and the design
  • Colour scheme and whole design is very effective
  • Colour scheme on the map matches the design of the website
  • Scrolling method is very effective and makes the website a joy to navigate through 

Areas for Improvement:
  • Took us a while to realise to scroll down but we think when the buttons work this will be fine 

  • Arrow makes sense when you understand the website
  • At first it is slightly confusing, perhaps spell it out for people that they need to scroll down
  • V Good. 

Action Plan/Moving Forward
  • Make the links on the navigation function
  • Finish imputing the content into the remaining areas of the website
  • Consider a different body typeface/experiment with others
  • Check map functionality is working correctly 

Design For Web: Crit Art Boards

Design For Web: Site Map

Design For Web: Final Digital Mock-Up

Design For Web: Wire Frame

Design For Web: Content for the Website

Abandoned is a British conference held in London which aims to examine, explain and consider ideas about the current economy and it’s impact on our highstreet. The three days events features talks from 10 industry experts, unpinned by three main talks for leader in the profession, TV Personality and advisor to the government, Mary Portas. James Lowman chief executive of the Association of Convenience Stores and Jonathan De Mello, head of CBRE’s retail consultancy. Each will discuss there own experiences since the economic downturn and also put forward concepts of ways of innovating on the highstreet through the integration of e-commerce into the highstreet environment.

Whether you own your own retail business, work in retail or work in education the conference will have talks and workshops relevant to your needs and your sector. Abandoned will be the destination this summer to discuss that state of our high-streets and place where you can consider new and innovative ideas from those testing the ideas and developing the ideas today.

The conference will be taking place at London’s, Church House Conference Centre in which 3 dedicated exhibitions spaces will house, talks, workshops and Q and A sessions in groups or one on one sessions giving you the opportunity to put your questions to the experts. The conference will segmented into three main categories across the three days making it easier for those wanting to only attend talk specific to there sector. Tickets can be purchased on a 1, 2 and full experience basis. Qualifying Start-up’s will also be entitled to a discounted entry, see details under ‘Tickets’ for more information. Educational groups will also be entitled significant discounts on ticket prices.


Mary Portas
Mary Portas is an English businesswoman, retail expert, and broadcaster, best known for her retail and business related television shows, and most recently for her appointment by the British prime minister to lead a review into the future of Britain’s high streets.

In August 2011 she opened her first retail shop as a concession in House of Fraser’s Oxford Street branch. The shop, named Mary & House of Fraser, sells clothing and lifestyle products aimed at the 40+ female market, and was filmed for a Channel 4 documentary Mary Queen of Frocks that aired in October 2011.

She will be talking about her experiences in setting up her first retail shop and will be discussing the do’s and don’t’s of being a start up retail brand in the current economic climit.

Post your questions during the talk to Twitter #abandoned2013

Jonathan De Mello
CBRE’s Retail Consultancy division specialises in providing tailored solutions to the retail, retail banking and property sectors. As Head of Retail Consultancy, Jonathan has a wide-ranging role, incorporating management of a successful team of consultants and analysts, spearheading CBRE’s consultancy offer worldwide, and creating strategies to help CBRE’s clients to maximise their retail potential.

Jonathan has been working as a specialist consultant in the retail and property sectors for over 10 years, and his clients include Aviva, Blackstone, BC Partners, Cargill, Gruppo Coin, Hammerson, Henderson Global Investors, HSBC, ING, KKR, Marks & Spencer, Nike, Phones 4u, Redevco, UBS, Unibail-Rodamco and Westfield, all of which continue to benefit from his expertise and advice. Jonathan was instrumental in developing Experian’s retail and property consultancy offer and prior to joining Experian held similar roles at CACI and Management Horizons.

Jonathan is a member of the BCSC, ICSC and SPR, and regularly teaches ‘Advanced Research’ at the ICSC European Property School, which disseminates best practice education and advice to property professionals from around the world. As well as Jonathan’s client and teaching commitments, Jonathan regularly acts as a voice for CBRE to the national and international media, having appeared as a retail expert on the BBC, ITN, Sky and Radio 4’s Today Program, and contributed to articles printed in the FT, Times, Telegraph, Economist and a range of specialist retail and property publications.

Post your questions during the talk to Twitter #abandoned2013

James Lowman
James was appointed ACS Chief Executive in November 2006, since when he has grown the organisation which now represents 33,000 local shops. He joined ACS in 1997 and progressed to Public Affairs Director, running all ACS policy work including successful campaigns to preserve Sunday trading laws, to see the grocery market referred to the Competition Commission, and to support members during the transition to the Licensing Act 2003.

During his tenure as ACS Chief Executive, James has re-focused the organisation on lobbying and providing a strong voice for local shops on advising members on impending legislation and other issues, and offering an industry-leading programme of events and networking opportunities. James also sits on the boards of the leading proof of age scheme CitizenCard, the Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS), the Association of Business Crime Partnerships, and ACS’ specialist news arm, the Association of News Retailing.

Post your questions during the talk to Twitter #abandoned2013


Register to collect your 3 day pass
Time: 10:00AM _ 12:00AM_________________

Mary Portas delievers her talk on the highstreet today
Time: 13:00PM _ 14:30PM_________________

A workshop demonstrating new technologies allowing for innovation with a retail space
Time: 15:00PM _ 17:00PM

A discussion on how mobile can boost the sucess of your retail spaces
Time: 10:00AM _ 12:00AM_________________

Jonathon De Mello delievers a talk on the power of the brand on the highstreet
Time: 13:00PM _ 14:30PM_________________

Get the chance to ask your question to Jonathon in this intimate question and answer session
Time: 15:00PM _ 17:00PM

What are the goverment doing about the future of our highstreets and what are they offering you now
Time: 10:00AM _ 12:00AM_________________

James Lowman discusses his time as CEO - what he learn't and what his company is doing to battle economic down turn
Time: 13:00PM _ 14:30PM_________________

Get the chance to ask your question to Jonathon in this intimate question and answer session
Time: 15:00PM _ 22:00PM


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Design For Print: Final Art Boards

Design For Print: Print Manual

After speaking with Lorraine, we agreed that the cost of £90 to print the manual completely was too expensive and that the money could be better spent on other briefs within this module, the high cost of print is due to the fact it is in 6 separate books which is significantly more expensive to print than a singular book of the same accumulated pages. This is something that I have learnt from this brief is, is the importance to consider print cost when designing and that this is something that should be considering before you start designing and not after! Had I have investigated print costs up front I would have realised the impracticality of designing the manual a series of 6 booklets!

Selected spreads, cover and casing as a demonstration


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