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Design For Print & Web: Progress Crit 1 Feedback

For this crit my work had progressed a considerable amount I had now developed a logo which worked across a range of variants and I had started to mock up how this would look on screen incorporating logos, images and text to form this. 

  • A lot of visuals helps to understand where you are at and what you are aiming for. Strong concept using the qube as a base for designs. We can see a lot of logo development work
  • The tv type logo works in context and is spot on
Areas for improvement
  • Maybe having a colour scheme would help out the development of the logo further
  • Feedback on sheet (shown above) 
  • The logo is too big in some places where you have placed it in context
  • Maybe consider using CNTRL as a name
  • Look like youtube logo, reminds me of youtube although I do like it
  • Where will auidence come into contact with the work
  • Product, range and distribution 
Moving Forward
  • I need to fully ensure the logo is original and is best communicating the concept of the channel 
  • Consider starting to work with colour scheme to see further how the logo is working on a contextual basis
  • Confirm if this is defiantly the name I want to use - 'Qube'

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