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Design For Print & Web: Concept Crit

In the concept crit I presented this rough idea which is an example of how the channel with function on screen and how content could be displayed, however this is in the very early stages and needs a lot of development, but the idea of working the visuals around how a rubics cube works was liked by those in my crit.

The progress crit was extremely helpful as it gave me feedback at a stage I needed, as I'm at the stage of developing the concept it's crucial I get this right and having input from other will help identify any flaws in my ideas. I presented a two boards with logo ideas and names and also a sheet of research as well several design sheets. The main feedback I received was that many of the I have designed already existed or similar variants of the logo were already out there. However it was said that my idea behind the channel of offering choice and variety was a ethos to start developing a name around. At this point I haven't decided on a name but I am heavily considering Dice, this got mixed reviews in the crit but at this stage it's hard to say as a concept needs to be based around it so more work needs developing in this area. Switch was also a name suggested a by a few people in the crit as being something that I could potentially call the channel. 

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