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Design For Print & Web: Progress Crit 1 Boards

Since the first concept crit based on the feedback I've moved quite a bit forward with the project. Since the name dice and logo were very generic and many of them looked very similar to existing logos for existing companies. I've changed the name to 'Qube' which I now think is a much stronger name. The name qube works on many levels within the brands ethos. Qube works in terms of channel's content which provides variety because there are many sides to a qube which is similar to how the channel offer different variety of shows and it also works in terms the different genres of programming that the channel shows. The term qube also translates into how the channels functions visually as the visual aesthetic of the channel is based on a rubics qube. The way the channel looks visually is based on the 9 cubes that feature on the side of the rubics qube. The tv screen is split into 9 rectangles which is where the channel information is placed such as the logo, upcoming shows. 

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