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Design For Print & Web: Concept Pitch

For the concept the area I wanted to focus on is getting some sort of name together or even a selection of names together that I am considering, this is where I began! After reading the brief, I developed an idea of what they required the channel to be and combined this with what I also wanted to do with the channel and this meant that I started to develop an ethos for the channel and this came in the form of the channel providing mixture, variety, choice and control to it's auidence. A range of names stemmed from these words and their meaning such as dice. Out the names I currently I'm seriously considering Dice as this implies the choice and variety offered by the channel but we'll see what happens in the crit. I moved this name over to design a couple of logos that could potentially work with the name. I didn't have a lot of time to think these through but they have potential to be developed. I have also started to look at what existing channels that are competing with my channel's content, what they're visual style looks like as this brief will involve a lot of visual research to ensure i'm being innovative in my TV design so it's not typical. 

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