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Design For Web: Final Crit

  • Usability is really interesting, like the scroll feature
  • Consistent & very effective colour scheme, bright but clear
  • I love the typeface and the design
  • Colour scheme and whole design is very effective
  • Colour scheme on the map matches the design of the website
  • Scrolling method is very effective and makes the website a joy to navigate through 

Areas for Improvement:
  • Took us a while to realise to scroll down but we think when the buttons work this will be fine 

  • Arrow makes sense when you understand the website
  • At first it is slightly confusing, perhaps spell it out for people that they need to scroll down
  • V Good. 

Action Plan/Moving Forward
  • Make the links on the navigation function
  • Finish imputing the content into the remaining areas of the website
  • Consider a different body typeface/experiment with others
  • Check map functionality is working correctly 

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