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YCN Goji: Solidifying A Clear Concept

I have decided that in order to move forward with the brief I need a solid concept with can inform the decision I am making through the concepts I have already have scattered throughout the work I have produced so far as well as some new ideas I have had I have developed three concepts. 

The first of these concepts is 'Goji Collective: Become part of it' this uses the word collective which I still think is strong and relevant to the audience however I don't think it strongly conveys a message as 'become part of it' is vague, become part of what exactly this will be confusing to my audience. 

My second concept is 'not made from berries' and this is pun on that brand name which is dissaccoaited with the product as goji is s type of berry, but the brand goji is not. I think it is quite clever and witty and also funny but I don't think it had longevity it terms of keeping the brand alive. It also doesn't communicate any values of the brand. Also some members of the target audience may not know Goji is also a type of berry and therefore miss the concept completely. 

Therefore I have decided to use my final of the three concepts as the concept I will now carry through the rest of the brief as it is the strongest concept because it relates directly to a key value of the brand which is that the brand is fashion based and this concept directly communicates this to the audience, it tells the audience to wear the goji brand and fashion statement goji products and patterns can make. Furthermore the inclusion of collective means that by wearing goji products in your own way you express your freedom to show off your individual style which are also key values of the brand. 

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