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YCN Goji: Initial Packaging Concepts

I have initially been looking at packaging for the most popular product the iPhone case, once I have developed a main concept I can then translate this over to other product types, here I have been looking a how the cardboard can package the case such as a sleeve or sandwiching the case between cardboard with plastic in the middle.  

Here I have started to look at how the concept of packaging the accessories in a vacuum packed format and then how the branding could be applied on top of this, I think the clear vacuum packaging is effective in that it create a minimal wall between the product and the user so they can get a feel for what the product actually looks like and feels like rather than them having to buy it first. 

I have also considered how the play shape/symbol I have started to consider within the logo developed could be applied to the packaging, the play triangle has been distorted to spread across the packaging to make a 'funky' pattern however I think that this maybe to complicated and will distract from the case itself which packaging shouldn't do!  

I have considered what maybe considered more 'luxury' packaging in the format or a sliding packaging as this mimics how mobile phones are packaged however I think this might be to complex and maybe over packaging such a simple product.

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