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YCN Goji: Crit 1 Boards

I have put together some initial boards which show the progress I have made so far on this brief since the brief analysis from the last sessions which helped to focus down on what exactly was required of me for the this brief. From that sessions my action plan was to first research into the existing Goji brand as it is important to see where the brand is currently at before I begin to think about how I can move the brand forward and promote the new range of products. As the section of the brief i'm focussing on is the packaging part of the brief I've done some initial research into music technology packaging which has informed me about current trends and ways of thinking about packaging this type of product. I have also developed an initial concept of how the products could be packaged - this is to package the headphones and other accessories like meat, so they would be vacuum packed and sticky labels on which is innovative and eye catching. Furthermore I have also been looking at how the logo could be incorporated and moved forward so I have been working with the existing logo to push it further and add new meaning to the current logo which doesn't communicate anything about the brand, what they offer or it's core value of offering fashionable, technology accessories.

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