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YCN Goji: Brief Analysis

What is the problem?
How do Goji create buzz buzz and promote a new range of accessories to Curry's and PC world and how can these products be packaged in order to synthesise this buzz and promotion of the brand. 

What is it asking you to do about it?
Separate the brand of Goji apart from other brand in the category and promote the brand as a young, free and fashionable brand to its target auidence of a young demographic. 

What is it trying to achieve? 
A successful and popular launch of a new brand of Goji accessories and create a distinguishable factor as to why young people should buy into this brand as a posed to other brands in the space. 

What are the 10 most important words on the brief?
  • Unique 
  • Young
  • Fashionable
  • Individuality
  • Pattern
  • Range
  • Buzz
  • Package
  • Campaign
  • Freedom 

What is the message?
  • The products are perfect for those who are young at heart
  • The product is modern and fashionable
  • An expression of individuality
  • Ideal for those on the move

Who is the auidence?
  • Students
  • Young professionals
  • Young adults 
  • Youths

What is the context?
  • Colleges
  • At Home
  • On the bus
  • On the train
  • University

What products are associated with it?
  • Laptop sleeves
  • Iphone cases
  • Mouses
  • Keyboards
  • Speakers

Why have I chosen this brief?
I'm interested in technology and I like to design for packaging. I'm also part of the target demographic and target auidence, It's a fun, young, new and fresh company and they will be open to young new ideas. 

What is it you want to get out it?
I want to get the experience of working with an industry set brief, further develop my package and promotional design skills through design for packaging and through designing for a marketing campaign. Work with the designing for a set, series and sequences. 

What do you want to make/do?
Part C create innovative packaging that sets it part from other products. Simple, bold, bright and urban. Working with unconventional materials and considerations for packaging. Even work will developing surface patterns as well.

Why do you want to enter?
  • To win
  • To have a chance at working with the company
  • To develop work for my portfolio
  • Recognition / getting myself out there and my work known

What do you have to do?
Create a unique look for the brand of Goji products 

What do you need to do?
Appeal to an auidence of 18-25, who are young, fashionable and on the move and convey a sense of freedom, individuality and quality. 

What can you do?
Design a pattern, design the form and structure of the bags and assecories, design the packaging, design a marketing campaign, digital work, print work

What hasn't been done before?
Packaging with unconventional materials

What could you do?
What could I do....

What do you already know?
I have had an personal experience of the brand and have never seen it in store however through reading the brief and a quick google search. I'm aware they are new new brand owned and run but curry's and pc world and they are developing a series of products that are aimed at a young auidence. I am also aware they have previously released a set of products branded with Tinchy Stryder however as they are a new brand they want to continually reinvent themselves.

What do you need to find out?

  • What the brand has done already?
  • Who is in direct competition with the brand?
  • What already exists with the space? and what isn't being done in the sector?
  • What materials are often used to package these products? What new materials could be brought to the space?
What is stopping you?
Time between studio briefs and Money!

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