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Design For Web: Scamp Crit

5 Questions I posed: 
  • Does the colour scheme work on scamp 3?
  • Would scamp 3 be easily navigate-able and is it understandable? Where to look and where to go?
  • On scamp 2 is it confusing having the logo in the middle? Does the navigation become confusing because it is split? 
  • Does the scamp 1 design appear cramped? Does it need more space within the layout?
  • Is scamp 2 too image heavy? Are the second row of images really needed?


Feedback Received
  • Layout of Scamp 3 is the easiest to navigate
  • Scamp 3 has a good balance of image and text
  • Scamp 3 looks a bit like new windows design - which is good
  • Social links work well within the designs
  • Scamp 3 has a really strong layout, easy to use, but still unusually interesting
  • Scamp 3 is simple, no confusion in the design of the layout
  • Yellow black and white colour scheme looks more effective
  • Only use blue and green if it can be justified

Areas for Improvement:
  • Combination between 1 + 3 would work the best
  • Add colour scheme from 1 and 2 and apply it to 3
  • Rearrange the logo on the header on scamp 2, could be placed above or bellow to solve the hierarchy problem
  • Black, white and yellow colour schemes works best
  • Scamp 2 logo in the middle doesn't work as well as logo on the left in scamp 3
  • Doesn't look to image heavy but are they needed?

  • The design could appear less image heavy by having typographic elements appear over the images when mouse hovers over them
  • Don't repeat visual content, not on the same site not on the same page.
  • Scamp 1 + 2 colour scheme works the best
  • Scamp 3 logo position is the best
  • Experiment with more two colour designs 

Moving Forward:
  • Moving forward I need to take the design and layout of my third scamp and progress this further by adjusting the colour scheme and taking elements that have worked within my designs and applying them into this design
  • Stock to the yellow, black and white colour scheme
  • Keep text and image aligned, don't break up the navigation, keep it simple and clear

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