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YCN Goji: Initial Logo Experimentations

Although the brief didn't specify that you need to maintain the current branding, although the various logos were provided in the project pack, I felt it was important to maintain the current brands design because they have already developed a market and changing what there customer base already knows will only limit the success of the new product range, therefore I have started to consider how the brand can move forward through adding the logo but maintaining the original logo somewhere within the logo or developing something to work with the logo. Above I thought about making the brand appear more 'fashionable' this design mimics the levis' brand which is a fashion brand which is a key requirement of the brief.

These logo experiments work well but don't add to the brand itself of communicate anything new about the brand that new product range offers. 

These logos are a slightly more effective variant on the current logo, as the play symbol and shape added to the logo communicate the brand inherit nature and set of products that they sell with a primarily for devices that play music, however they do offer other product ranges and the range continue to grow, so this may limit the brand overall? However I think the concept on adding the word 'collective' to the brand is very effective, it's a quite a current word that it thrown around a lot in todays youth culture of the target audience.  

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