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YCN Goji: Crit 1 Feedback

Clarity of concept: 3, 4
Breadth of ideas: 2,3
Appropriateness of response: 4, 4
Contextual awareness: 3, 3
Analysis and understanding of audience: 3, 3
Level of innovation: 4, 4
Quality and clarity of presentation: 4,4

Further research needed into how products are seen and sold in store could solidify packaging concepts. What do 18-25 year olds by also when they buy 'goji' products look at ''also brought'' on amazon etc. and see if that is somewhere you look for packaging inspiration. Good concept however research into more appropriate types of packaging, experiment with different types to find the most appropriate for your brief. Create a wider range of ideas, however your current ideas may still be your strongest. Produce some primary research, questionnaires into what your target audience would be interested in. Original idea just think about more ideas before going forward with this to make sure you have explored all options. You have a clear idea of what you want to do just make sure you research your brand, company values etc. Are there nay restrictions on budget. 

Moving forward
I think from presenting my idea to my peers and the feedback I have received I'm not sure that the packaging ideas that I have come up with are that appropriate however there are elements which could  work within the final solution so moving forward I need to do some more research into my target audience as well as developing a broader range of ideas which will enable me to make a more justified decision about the best way to move forward with the brief.  

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