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Design For Print: Rationale

Develop an ‘Info-pack’ that communicates the relevant areas and asspect of knowledge and information that is required in order to design effectively for print delivery.

Who is it for?
The information has been designed to be used by graphic design students and therefore the content will be simplified into more understandable language as well as being suplimented with diagrams to further communicate the information to the auidence.

What do they need to know?
The target auidence needs to be aware of the main areas and principles within the field of design for print. These main principles will then need to need to be supported with detailed but easy to understand sub catergories whic explain each principles and what process are avaliable to designers and how they can effectivly intergrated into a graphic designers practice.

What will they respond to?
The auidence will respond to both a printed and a digital format of the presented content which can be used as part of the their digital work flow and there studio work flow and enviroment. The printed content will come in the form of an info pack which has been segemented for each access to specific information for when the users have a specific query about design for print but will also be orangised on a logical means that reading through the info pack will inform and educate the auidence about principles to follow when designing for print.

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