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Design For Print: Interim Critique

5 Question I posed: 
  • Is the labelling on the diagrams clear? Do you understand what each label relates to? Also is it clear that the orange is for stock/substrate and ink and black for the part of the printer?
  • How does the screen print diagram read to you? also how does the digital printing diagram read?
  • Do the different paper size diagrams read well? The ISO paper series and other paper sizes are laid out differently is this confusing? Is the information still simple and easy to understand?
  • To what extent to do you feel the text/information written to go with the digram is complicated, is it easy to follow or hard to understand? 
  • I'm planning to use a thin stock, similar to newsprint for the pages of the booklets, how appropriate do you think this is? 


Feedback Recieved
  • Diagrams are well presented
  • Illustrations work well when simplified however with the screen printing diagram, it is relatable if you have done it before - very effective - but if you have never done it then it maybe difficult to understand, what is the target auidence? 
  • Paper sizes work well, shows contrast of the different formats
  • Using colour limitations therefore the information will stand out on stock; newsprint is a good choice of stock
  • Labelling is clear and the use of orange is an effective way to distinguish between the two different aspects
  • The layout of the paper sizes helps show the differences between standard and non-standard paper

Areas for Improvement 
  • Screen print diagram is clever but not very clear if you aren't already familiar with the process, same with the digital print diagram, maybe needs more detail?
  • Type is quite small, make it a bit bigger. The black circles are also quite heavy against the background and orange type. Maybe make lighter
  • Make digital diagram more legible
  • Have similar quantities of text on each page, some look more full than other, layout works well though 

  • With stock experiment a bit before setting with one, trail and error with different stocks, try different weights. 
  • Text seems quote in depth but if its relevant then it's no problem
  • Newspaper stock seems quite disposable? maybe not the best choice.

Moving Forward
  • Newspaper stock or a stock similar in weight to this is clearly a bad idea, this piece of work is about creating something that is permanent and that can be kept and used for a long time, more experimentation with stocks is needed.
  • I need to consider how I can rework some of the diagrams to make them more clear however my auidence will have some familiarity with all of the process, my manual is there to expand upon this existing knowledge. 
  • I need to consider the font sizes, I can do this through printing mock ups of the manuals to see how you interact with the fonts when printed. 

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