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Design For Print: Final Crit


  • Good set of design sheets, really detailed, give a good ideas of what your thinking
  • The colour orange is a good choice
  • Cool illustrations, minimalistic but at the same time legible
  • Set of six is a good idea
  • Good layout not overcomplicated

Areas for Improvement:
  • Thin line between simplicity and simplicity and can sometimes be confusing, to stripped down diagrams
  • Digital print illustration needs work to be more understandable

  • Physical mock up of the packaging, stock considerations, and how you would make it would have been nice to see
  • Hierarchy is strong and makes the design flow smoothly, however more labelling on the diagrams would help 

As Group:
  • Good research conducted
  • Contents pages needs, they make the content easier to navigate
  • Page numbers also help with the navigation of the publication
  • Basic type skills need to be put into practice, leading, line spacing, widows etc.
  • Proof reading all text

Action Plan:
  • Proof read through all text, and adjust american spellings of words 
  • Remove underline on text on the right pages of the booklets, currently inconsistent
  • Add page numbers and then add these numbers to the contents page on the back cover 

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