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Design For Print & Web: Twitter Page

As a main component in allowing the auidence to engage with YOUTAKEOVER is through Twitter, I have mocked up the twitter page to show how user will interact with the page and vote for there shows. The twitter page uses the same design philosophy as the website.
Form the intial mock up of the twitter page that I created in purple, having a solid colour for the background is to stark, bland and boring, therefore I decided to use an image. However getting this image to look right without distracting from the main content of the site proved to be rather difficult. With this variation the black boxes distract far too much from twitter feed. 

To help remedy the problem I tired lowering the opacity but this still didn't it was still over powering. 

Finally I decided the the logo and the black boxes were too bigger elements for the background and so scaled them down to fit in the top left corner of the page which was much less distracting to main twitter feed.

I also added a box that is not present on the actual twitter site and this is specific to the Takeover twitter page and it shows users the live statistics for the voting and also allows to easily place their vote. 

The final twitter page features a blurred background to increase users focus towards twitter content rather than being distracted by the background, the background also now only features the logo to keep the design more simplistic in line with the design of the App and the Website. 

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