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Design For Print & Web: Move Over Qube, Hello Takeover!

I've been struggling with the name for my channel for sometime, I've never been completely happy with the name, after talking with lorraine I've figured out why and how I can move forward with a different name! Qube was one of the original names I started with and developed a visual aesthetic around it, however Qube as a name doesn't work, this is for many reasons, the main one being it says nothing about the channel itself, what the auidence can expect from the channel, the name qube is bland and impartial, it says and evokes no emotion. Therefore after brainstorming through hundred of other possible words, Takeover stood out. Takeover is a name that says something about the channel and gives meaning through the name unlike the name Qube. Takeover advocates the purpose of the channel which is to put the auidence in control of what they watch, takeover also suggests an element of control which the auidence has, further more the name takeover has a slight male bias as it suggests a element of dominance and brief requires the channel to evoke a slight male bias in it's auidence. Furthermore the name can be used in conjunction with slogans such as 'Friends Takeover weekend' for omnibuses of shows shown on the channel.

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