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Design For Print & Web: Developing a Product range

After working with the colour purple and logo and using it to developing the on screen presentation of the TV channel I began to explore how this could then be transferred over to a range of products for web and for print.

The website is where I want to focus most of my attention on for the brief as it will be the key component, I used to photoshop to create a quick mockup of what I want the site to look like and check that it worked with the purple colour scheme. I started to have issues with the placement of purple text over images, it wasn't readable. Using white will remove to much of the brand identity of the purple. 

I have also mocked up a twitter page as this will be the main component in voting in YOUTAKEOVER's therefore it's a vital part of channel. The design is bland and purple background is too over powering. 

With the app I want to be cohesive with the website design and therefore want design elements to be reflected in the app that are present in the website, therefore I used the same purple opacities in the app design, it works well as it make the text readable and clear against the background image. The more I work with this colour the more I keep thinking about how this purple looks very like E4 and even cadbury! I think I need to reconsider my colour choice... 

The use of the colour purple however I think is most successful in this billbaord mock up, it's clear effect and the positioning of the logo is strong, powerful and stands out in the crowded city location which is what I want the brand to do.  

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