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Hellfire: Idea Generation

As this was only a short brief, I decided to take a different approach to the ideation process and being designing straight on the computer, this is something I would normally never do! but as it's such a quick turn around brief I thought i'd give it a shot. After doing some basic research I jumped straight into illustrator and began designing. As I was designing and developing ideas in this way I wanted to come up with as many variations as possible. 
I had the idea to fill the label with an image of smoke, to symbolise the fire, however it ended up looking more like clouds. Though the typography and colour do contrast well with the image. 

I worked with geometric shapes to develop fire based imagery, the design works well but the typeface is slightly to 'friendly' for such an aggressively named beer.

I explored just using type within the label design, however without any imagery or iconography the label does little to wow the audience and create something unique and memorable. 

I continued working with simple shapes to make fire based imagery, I think this design works well, it's simple, effect and modern as required by the brief. However the typeface maybe should reflect the bolder thicker lines of the imagery more? well, slightly humorous but may confuse the audience? not very clear! Also slightly too young perhaps for the target audience


Doesn't have much relevance to the brand of beer.

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