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Design For Print & Web: Tote Bag

For the tote bag design I considered how the colour of the tote bag could influence the design, I experimented with printing the neon colour, or using a neon bag and printing onto the top of that. I think both design work well, however printing with the neon green does have the edge - It's looks slightly less like every other tote bag, which is the kind of impression the black printed tote bag gives. 

In order to get the tote bag printed and for it to be printed using a neon green I found a local company who could print my design using green neon flex. As the design I have made is constructed from vectors this means my design can be vinyl plotted which is when the pattern is cut out and then heat a to adhered to the bag. 

To submit my design the company use offer an online tool, similar to Photoshop which allows you to upload your artwork and then adjust the positioning and specify colour. The company also offered white tote bag, I felt this was more appropriate for my brand as white is part of my brands colour identity. 

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