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Design For Print & Web: Progress Crit 2 Feedback

I found this the most useful crit we've have within the brief I got to explain my idea well and I got some values feedback from the other members of the group as well as Simon and Lorraine. After presenting my idea I received a very positive response towards the name of 'Takover' and the concept and how it will work in terms of how the programming will be presented to the auidence. However the visuals that I showed did come under some critique, this was mostly due to the colours that I have used. It was unanimous that the colour green that I mocked up the designs in did not work as people said it was very environmental and didn't have a strong powerful presence visually. I has some designs mocked up in red which people said worked well, however using a red colour with white looks very similar to comedy central so although it's strong and bold I want to stay away from using red.

Moving Forward

  • Keep going with the 'Takeover' name it works well in comparison to past names I've chosen
  • Explore and experiment with colours schemes for the channel
  • Push the design as much as possible

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