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Design For Print & Web: FInal Product Range

Within my progress tutorial with Lorraine I also discussed what products I should have in my final range for print. I have chosen the these products as they are products that relate TV use and TV in general, I have also considered where and how they would be given out, as initially I suggested branding a Mug but it is impractical to think that a channel could hand out mugs to people as they would smash easily furthermore they are also an expensive commodity in terms of a promotional item. All my promotional items will be linked to the concept of launching the and will focus on how they can be used to promote the launch of the channel. I have consider how they will be distributed and I think that the most appropriate method for promotion would be to hand the item out in city centre and shopping centres as this is where much of my target auidence are so the brand can reach a great amount of people.

  • Tote bag : This will be used to hold all of the items and be given as single pack to passing members of the target auidence
  • T-shirt
  • Stickers
  • Leaflets detailing programming and the channel launch - will add context and explanation to the pack of promotional items
  • Box of microwave popcorn
  • CD/DVD : sample of the content that will be on the channel
  • Mailshot - this won't be given out as a part of the pack but will be used as part of a direct mail campaign to target the auidence directly through the mail

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