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100 Things/ Why Happiness?

I have chosen Happiness as my subject/theme to gather and collect a body of research on in order to become the expert in the field. I chosen this topic as I feel it a very current issue, it's interesting that the majority of the news that is broadcast on a daily basis is considered "bad" news and this combined with the current economic climate it will be interesting to explore happiness as a subject and how are happiness is affected by things, what makes us happy, if we are happy? I feel the subject offers significant scope of in-depth research. I also believe the subject itself is very interesting, in the sense that it's something we necessarily consider consciously about a ourselves it's more something we have less control over. I will aim to depth a range a knowledge in the subject by first researching words, I think happiness is such a broad term that researching more specific terms for the topic could be beneficial to the rest of the research process. I will also look at researching a range of images I think images and photographs will offer a key visual insight into the subject area, as the subjects directly relates to humans and there emotions, visual photographic research will deliver depth to the research not possible through the written word. I will also consider research into general facts and statistics to receive an overview of knowledge regarding happiness. Additionally quotes from others are also a relevant form of research, as happiness is not something that can be measured it's a more subjective topic therefore the opinion and words of others can offer varying perspectives on the subject, this will ensure the research is broad and doesn't become to narrow and focused on a particular ideology behind happiness theory.

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