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Using my design direction boards and the ideas I developed there I brought these ideas into my poster designs. All of the designs work a series of two and combine and collaborate with each other. The first idea is a face and coin that join together through two posters. Although the posters communicate a clear a message the design does suggest the power of the happiness over money. This second is stronger in this respect in that it directly suggest that money doesn't bring happiness, the reversed text in the other poster also suggests how the posters are subverting the traditional views of these themes, the aim of my products is break the myths, this poster design does that well. The final set of posters also work well as the text overlaps it reflects how the message within my products aren't always black and white some information overlaps and contrasts. 
Within the first set of poster design I have used hand drawn imagery which many not work with the rest of vector imagery that I have used throughout my other products. However the ideas the image have been vandalised communicates this ideas that the information is different, new and breaking down conventional barriers. The second idea focuses on the concept of reflection and the reflection tell the true story of what each of the subjects actually means, however this may not be legible when used as a poster aiming to attract attention. The final design here rhetorically questions the audience which is a good ploy in capturing the audience, however it makes the audience being to question the theme before they have gained access to the information I am communicating. 

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