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What is the problem?
From the initial area of research of Happiness, I have both narrowed and broadened this into looking at the relationship between money and happiness. My problem will be to communicate this relationship and it's affect on us in today's society.

What subject/area of study are you focusing on?
I am focusing on the emotion of Happiness as my primary subject area, this includes why we are happy or unhappy, what impacts and effects our happiness. However entwined within this topic area, is how money impacts upon our happiness, including how we earn our money, how we spend our money.

To what depth are you investigating this area/subject? is this sufficient?
I have investigated Happiness on a surface level to gather a broad range of informative facts and statistics, however I have also researched in more detail the social theorems of Happiness and the science behind happiness, this information will provide the back bone for work I create as without this knowledge my work would be ill-informed. Within the research about happiness a substantial amount was focused on money, however further information into this area is require to become as informed as I am about happiness.

What is the form and amount of your research to date?
The research I have collected to date is a series of 100 things that come in the format of 100 quotes, 100 facts, 100 statistics, 100 words, 100 images, through the process of creating a rationale and also peer crits I have collected further research that I require to complete my 10 products. I have collected further research statistics on world economy and world happiness collecting this raw data will allow me to select the statistics I need to create my maps. I have also collected more detailed validation of several facts with scientific verification as to why these facts are true this well enable me to crate my postcards. Additionally I have collected more research

What visual material do you have to work with?
I have curated a series of 5 design direction boards which will combined will inform the aesthetic style I create for my ten products. The series of boards will work together to provide inspiration for the design.

Is there an appropriate amount of work for the time you have had to develop it?
The categorise section of the brief and the cur ration of the design direction boards have formed the first two weeks of the brief, when looking at this body of work created it is not akin to the amounts of work I would usually produce in two weeks, however this time has allowed me to fully understand my research which will ensure what I am communicating is correct. Additionally the production of the design direction boards has also allowed me to look through the work of others and appropriately select sources that are relevant to the work I will be producing and designing.

If there isn't why is this? How could you improve your work rate?
Within the remaining two of this brief my work rate will regain the pace I have traditionally been used to, the first two weeks have provided a planning stage in which I now feel fully prepared to begin designing my 10 final products, through creating design sheets and experimenting using digital software I will craft my products.

What is your timescale? When is the deadline?
I have two weeks remaining on this brief and select few days to finalise any unfinished sections of the brief before the module submission. I have until 31st of January to create my newspapers as they need to be spent off for print on this date to ensure delivery before the deadline, I then have this remaining time to create the final 8 products for print as I have a print slot booked for 2nd of February.

What is achievable in the time available?
I believe I can create my 2 newspaper, 2 posters, 2 maps and 4 postcards in the time I have available, my managing my time and working on the products chronologically it will enable me to work effectively and efficiently.

What methods are you using to evaluate the progress of your ideas?
I will evaluate the progress of my ideas through using the comments made within crits from my peers, I will also organically assess how my work is developing as I am producing it. By using my rationale I will be able to compare how successfully the work I am producing is matching the ideas put forward within the rationale.


What are you identifying as areas worth developing further?
The areas I will be developing further are creating and collecting more links between money and happiness and their affects on each other.

What are you trying to communicate?
I am trying to communicate the differences and similarities between money and happiness, I want to communicate the myths and truths about the subjects. I want my audience to understand the facts, statistics and science I will be presenting to them in order to assess and improve their own happiness.

What audience have you identified? + Who are they?
The audience I have identified is a male and female audience and aged between 25-40, this is middle aged, I have chosen to communicate to this audience as my research identified the being the time when this group of people have their lowest life satisfaction, therefore happiness and money are two subjects that will be concerning this audience. The people I will potentially be communicating to are a middle class audience, as I want my products to appear in a newspaper such as The Independent.

What problems have you identified?
The problem I have identified is that my target audience are potentially going to experience low life satisfaction at the age I am communicating to. I want to inform them and provide facts about information they may think they know, but the information they already possess will in most contradict what I will be communicating to them.
How do you intend to this?
I intend to solve this by creating two main newspapers which will form the core of my ten products, these newspaper will communicate the core facts about my subject. Then others products will then work in conjunction with these products such as the leaflets which will inform my audience on how they can improve happiness, the posters which will advert the supplements being provide in a newspaper (the newspapers, leaflets) and two maps which act as interactive element in which my audience can explore for themselves differences and similarities between world economy and world happiness.

What further research does this require?
Further research will be required into the work of others surrounding my 10 products, such as examples of leaflets, maps, posters and newspaper which have a visual style similar to one I want to create myself.

What is your intention?
To Provide my audience fully with the facts regarding money and happiness.


Have you moved on from your initial staring point, if so how and why?
My initial staring point was happiness, from here I explored possible categories my research could be collected and grouped into, from here I also looked at other possible themes and subjects I could explore. However after peer crits I identified many of my facts were about money and these proved interesting to the peers I presented them to. Therefore I decided to focus my project not only happiness but add a second factor of money and how this affects happiness and contributes to it.

What methods are you using to document this development?
I will be using my blog in conjunction will a series of design sheets to document the development process I will engage in to develop a series of ideas for my products and produce the final outcomes.

What processes will you need to use to develop your work?
I will need to use design sheets, mock ups and peer feedback to develop my work.

Do these processes require workshop access?
I will not be using an workshops however I will be using the digital print resource and also external print companies such as the Newspaper Club.

When do you intend to access these workshops?
In order to ensure efficient use of these resources take place booking appropriately timed print slots to leave myself enough time to design and also to print all of the products. Also creating products on time for deadlines outside of my control will also be crucial such as the deadline for print with the Newspaper club.

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