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100 Things/ Survey Results

A number of the statistics I collected for my 100 statistics about happiness we're gathered from a survey I conducted using my fellow peers, although this a a narrow target audience for the results of the survey, this group of people maybe my target audience within the following briefs, furthermore I think happiness I is going to be judged differently by everybody therefore asking a group of people with similar attributes may reduce the potential of large amounts of conflicting information. For example if I were to include young, student adults and older adults with jobs there perception of happiness will be dramatically different. I put together my survey after collecting a selection of secondary research in the form of statistics and facts I felt producing this survey after would be more productive as I am now more knowledgeable about the subject of happiness. I asked the obvious question of whether the respondent to the survey was happy, what has an affect on their happiness as this important in understanding what types of things people think affect their happiness, also a lot of my secondary research talked about the effects of money and health on happiness so asking my audience about what they believe about how these affect their happiness was important.

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