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100 Things/ Leaflets Ideas

I have chosen 4 key concepts that I want to communicate to my target audience each of which is a way in which their happiness could be improved. I think that the car driving towards success has the greatest potential, as it's very visually explicit it's clear that success is leading to something, happiness which is what I want to communicate. The fuel gauge also suggests that success is leading to better things. Other designs such as the fuel drop and the flame don't convey the message as clearly they focus on the concept of fuel which is not the key message, success and happiness are. These ideas my confuse my target audience as to the message being communicated.   

The work I have been producing is mixed in it's mood and tone, as I want some areas of the products to have to serious I want other to fun and playful which is why I think the spread on the bread here is extremely effect the image and type work in sync together to deliver a clear message, the design is also eye catching it attracting the attention to find out more about what is being suggested. The happy face in which more happy faces protrude is also visual clear and effective however it's more of an info graphic than a pictorial reference working together with the type.

The meditating figure both with and without the extra icons is a effect translation of message encouraging people to meditate, the imagery is simple and effective, the other designs are less clear and vague in their communication such as the book which suggests a focus on reading rather than physical activity. Furthermore the use of the three icons together also complicates the message visually, meditation is the key idea in which the other actions develop from. 
Doing good is something that I found very hard to visually without relying on visual cliques however here visual cliques have proved appropriate, as for many thinking about doing good for other maybe something they don't see as easy but suggesting that giving away even a small amount of money, coins, can be beneficial to your own happiness. The coin within the hand design works effectively as it is a mirror image of what my target audience should be doing. The helping hand imagery also works effectively it relies on the reestablished idea of offering someone a helping hand. The ven diagram is to much like an info graphic to communicate a simple message. The typography design also aren't as visual effective as they inform but don't encourage, they don't resonate with the audience as strongly as the pictorial based designs. 
On the back of the flyer's to reflect the serious elements of the parts of my products I have included the scientific and theoretical reasoning behind why these actions should be taken and how they can make you a happier person. I think it's important that facts are used to support what I am communicating as people aren't going to consider these ideas with evidence they work. I have combined the detailed explanations with simple infer graphics that help to simply the information. 

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