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Water Bottle
I have considered creating a water bottle design which features informative facts about happiness, I think this is an appropriate form to speak to my audience as many drink water to better or maintain their health and these are positive affects of being happy. Furthermore water is the most popular drink on the planet therefore I can easily reach my target audience through this product. The form factor also lends itself to small bite sizes pieces of information. The water bottle could potentially be used to promote the positive effects of being happy. 

I have considered target my audience of male and females of middle through a newspaper supplement campaign, within a newspaper such as the independent as my target audience are more likely to read a paper like The Independent. A newspaper supplement campaign works well with the information I want to communicate as the newspaper itself is often filled with bad news and news of the economy my newspaper supplement would be act as a break from the heavy contents of the newspaper itself. The format of a newspaper will also allow me to communicate more information within a smaller space, the size of each page will also provide me with a large canvas to communicate the information. 

A set of posters could act as a partial number of my 10 products, the function of the posters would be attract my audiences attention with the information that will be explained and communicated within other products such as the newspaper supplement. The poster will need to be minimal and simple, be absent of over complicated text, the poster need to capture the attention and encourage the audience to want to learn more about the subject of money and happiness that I am communicating. I have considered using visual styles with block out text and purposely hide information from the audience, I have also considered how I can use contrasting images and text to communicate my message. 

Wallet Size Information
As I am also communication information regarding the connections between happiness and money, I felt placing information in a wallet sized format would be appropriate, however perhaps only for a male target audience? This information could be placed within new wallets that are to be sold, the information could come in the form of credit and debit cards akin to the 'fake' credit you receive when you buy a wallet. The information being placed within this context would also work effectively. This formats also works well with the small chunks of information I want to communicate. As the cards could form part of a series this would enable be to make a series of cards which contrast each other, cards about money and cards about happiness. 

Medicine ( Happy Pills) 
Colloquially many people refer to happy pills in a number of contexts, so bad and some good, I have considered playing with the concept and packaging a series of products that are almost medical in design and aesthetic and mimic this idea of pills that can make you happy, however the packaging will communicate information regarding ways in which you can actually become happy such as exercise and meditation. Although this ideas provides a strong concept and visual style, it may not be perceived correctly by my target audience and creating controversy around my product may have an adverse effect on the information I am communicating. 

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