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100 Things/ Rationale

After another group crit with my peers in which I presented my series of design direction boards about the possible 10 products I could create to communicate my chosen information, I filled out a post crit rationale which allowed me to reflect on the work I had produced so far as well reflect on what my peers had suggested in within the crit and create a plan-of-action to work to in the next stage of brief. The rationale allowed me to focus my thoughts and begin to devise a plan to move forward with.

Brief (What is the problem you are trying to solve?)
Present a series of print based resolutions that comment on and communicate the myths and truths about happiness and money, how they link to each other and how they affect each others.

Who needs to know? (Target audience)
People of middle age (Between 25-40) and of both sex, male and female (a middle class audience, e.g readers of the independent)

What do they need to know?
My target audience need to know both the myths and truths about happiness, for many the links between the too are formed of preconception, however I intend to provide factual information in a visual way to inform my audience of the truth about money and happiness. They will also need to know way in which happiness can be improved, but not in a self help style.

Why do they need to know? (The concept of the problem)
I feel my audience need to know this information because within todays society it's easy to bombarded with bad news through any communication channel and many are overwhelmed by the economic climate my graphic products aim to amend and contrast this landscape by presenting a series of mostly positive information about the truths of happiness, It's easy for my target audience to feel like there is no end to this current climate however my products will inform and also provide ways of improving happiness.

What will they respond to? (How will the target audience connect and understand the outcome?)
My target audience will respond directly with my outcome as it will appear to them through a newspaper they potentially read everyday, the products will act as a breather or gap and contrast the rest of the contents of the paper. Hopefully my target audience will respond by reflecting on how the information they have taken in fits into their life and possibly if any changes could be made, but most important they become more informed about the role happiness and money should be taking in their life.

Primary research required?

Secondary research required?

  • Further research into global happiness statistics 
  • Research into global worth (compare and contrast these series of information) 
  • Further research into ways in which happiness can be improved and how these suggestions work to improve happiness 

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