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100 Things/ 10 Chosen Products

The ten chosen products I have decided to make are 2 newspaper, 2 posters, 4 leaflets/flyers and 2 maps. The two newspaper will act as the core of the work to which other products work in relation to. One news will focus on the communication of information regarding happiness and they other regarding information about money, they will feature as aesthetic style thats mirrors and echoes each other. A two principle colour will be used to differentiate all of the products, one colour money related products and one colour happiness related products. The newspapers will delivered in the form a supplement inside another newspaper. The leaflets/flyers will work in co-operation with the newspaper, for example if the products were to work as a campaign each week the reader would receive a new item inside their paper starting with the newspaper and then flyers. The newspaper act as a delivery vechicle for the hard facts and statistics about money and happiness whereas the leaflets are a reaction to this information, and allow and encourage the reader/audience to react to the information they have been provided with in the newspapers. The leaflets feature information regarding how happiness can be improved both through ways regarding the use of money and happiness itself, these leaflets also feature information regarding how they proposed ideas work on the brain and the body and the positive affects they will have. The posters will act as the advertisement for the information that will be supplemented into the newspapers, the posters will need to attract the audience into wanting to find about more about the subject. The maps could either be another supplement provided within the newspaper or they could also function as posters, the maps work collaboratively, so using them as poster would enable be to spot the difference within health and happiness across the world.

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