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100 Things/ Statement Of Intent

Throughout this first week on this is four week long brief, I analysed my research to further understand and gain a greater insight into my subject as well as dividing the research into categories, I presented my findings and possible areas focus to a group of peers within a crit scenario. I suggested to my peers many of the interesting facts I had discovered related to happiness and money and how many of the facts do go against our general perceptions of these subject alone and combined, my peers also seemed interested in this area of focus. I have therefore choose to focus on the relationship between money and happiness and to communicate the similarities and differences between the two and how they affect each other. Also within this post crit response I have considered 10 product idea that fit well with this statement of intent and are appropriate to the subject matter. Many of the choices I made about the products are centred around this concept that the facts about money and happiness contrast and also work together with each other. 

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