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100 Things/ Developing An Area Of Focus

Through a seminar and studio workshop we explored developing initial themes and subjects into broader themes or more specific subjects. The selection of initial statements used within this workshop came from the areas of research that I had already looked at within the previous brief, such as 'Pet behaviour' and 'Pet companionship'. The workshop first focused on turning theses themes such as 'Income Spending' into a more specific subject such as 'taxes' or 'living costs' however this could also be made more generalised and become a broad theme of 'money'. Using these 10 key themes I research 10 words, 10 objects, 10 people and 10 facts this part of the workshop focused on the collection of useful quantities of research for a given topic.

From the previous how to brief, I selected 5 Themes and 5 Subjects that been investigated at some point throughout that brief

Using these 5 themes and subjects, for each I made each more specific with a subject and broader with a theme 
Using the ten themes and subject I began to collect 10 facts, words, objects and places for each

From this workshop we were given a brief which involved taking this same process but using and applying it in a much larger scale. The research brief involved gathered at least 3 types of information in 2 different formats such as quotes, facts or images. To identify the theme I was going to choice for this research I looked through the research I had already collected and consider which topics raised interesting pieces of information and could be potentially more interesting when researching further. The broad topics I considered were 'Happiness', 'Allergies' and 'Income' all of which I felt were interesting topics however I chose to research 'Happiness' as I felt this was unconventional topic to research and the research I had already conducted relieved some interesting facts already. I also felt it would be able to range across a selection of research formats from quotes to images. 

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