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100 Things/ Developing An Identity Pt. 1

Before I began to start designing the products I felt it was necessary to establish a series of design guidelines that would form an identity for the series of products. To begin this process I explored and experimented within a series of names and logos to be used across the products. I considered a range of names, I wanted to name to be the name and title for the newspaper as this was the core product but also a name that carried an ethos which translated across all of the products. I thought about the key values of the message that I wanted to communicate and behind all of the information is the simple principle that with or without the information happiness will always be choice, my products are aiming to help people be more informed about their own happiness but ultimately it will always we a choice, this name also suggests that the information I am providing is not definitive, it's open to interruption, I also think the name gives my audience something to think about when they've engaged with products they will hopefully remember the name and begin to think about their happiness which is what I want them to do. Along with the consideration of names I considered a range of possible visual interruption for the range of names I developed. 
Testing logo ideas digitally
Final logo - Can be overlaid and blacked out 

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