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100 Things/ Developing An Identity Pt. 2

After gathering and curating a selection of possible colour scheme, I used the InDesign file I had began to create for the newspaper to sample the colours into the newspaper, I used the newspaper to trail the colours to see which colours would work mostly effectively. I choose to do this with the newspaper as this was key product to which the other products follow. Furthermore as a large block of the colour dominates the cover it was important to ensure the colours I choose meant that text and images were still legible. 

After experimenting with a range of colours, I choose a shade of yellow and a shade of green as my two principles colours to be used across of all of the products, however for visual variation across the products I also selected a series of opacities of the same colour to be used across the products. I choose green for money because of the associations of the american dollar bill being green and yellow because it's bright colour and that is associated with happiness, balance and well being all of which are message I am trying to communicate. 
I considered a series of typefaces however I settled for these three typefaces, Clarendon is a serif typeface, that reflects my message, it's friendly and appropriate yet it's variation in weight can provide authority. I have selected Knockout to be used in connection with Clarendon in certain circumstances where a second typeface is required, however Clarendon will be used for the majority of type. Courier will used for body copy within the newspaper and elsewhere if necessary as the other typefaces are not legible when scaled down. 

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