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100 Things/ Setting Up For Print

I am using an online company called Newspaper club to print my newspaper, Once I had completed my documents I uploaded them to the site ready print, however a number of errors occurred during this process, to resolves these issues a numbers of changes needed to be made to the document to ensure the highest quality was possible.

100% K vs. Rich Black
My documents contained both black made from 100% K and also rich black which is made from each of the four colours, via an email exchange with the company it was advised that all of the black I used within the document be 100% K, this was to ensure the least possible amount of show through as newspaper stock is extremely thin and by using rich black lots of ink would be applied to page, weakening the integrity of the stock and increase the risk of show through on the reverse side. To change this I created a new swatch of black made from 100% K in InDesign and replaced all rich black with 100% K Black.

Another problem I encountered when I uploaded the document was that a selection of my vector images contained opacity, as my colour scheme works on opacity of the same colour, however the print company needed this colour to specified as a C M Y K colour rather than an opacity of a single colour to ensure that the desired colour was printed. To adjust this I eye dropped the opacity colour to create the C M Y K values for the colour then replaced all of the vector artwork with the appropriate colour values.

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