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Good is New York City: Research Booklet Crit Feedback

The crit for the research booklet was primarily a presentation of the booklet formally to rest of the group as well as Amber and Simon, this was more of a presentation than a chance to receive feedback although some comments where made. Simon and Amber did say they liked the format I had chosen for the booklet and that it was relevant to the content of the booklet. 

The next day the crit was continued and this offered a chance for more formal feedback to be given. This crit was ran as a class and we walked around and saw everybody's work leaving feedback on people's work where relevant.

Feedback Received:
  • I'm a huge fan of the word play, personal response to the research evidenced nicely 
  • Interactive format  is very successful and how you have approached your research
  • Proof read your work -Vactioner?
  • Really good foldable layout design
  • Interesting attention drawing headings
  • Humans of new york cool layout and use of photos
  • Well thought out good breadth of research
  • Cool format bro
  • Very conceptual format
  • Make research more personal it will then be cut down dramatically 

Moving Forward

  • A major problem with the research booklet at the moment is that it is extremely text heavy and that a lot of text needs to cut out and it was suggested that I can do this by making the content more personal, moving forward I will need to consider making the booklet a lot less text heavy
  • I'm glad the format of the publication was so well received and everyone was in agreement that the format worked well 
  • Proof read my work before I print the final version!
  • The humans of new york layout was well received for being good and interesting layout of information but this is not reflected in the rest of the booklet I will consider bringing more of this design to the rest of the booklet to main continuity but also to cut down the content and make the layout more interesting

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