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RSA Stamps: Concept Development

The RSA theme is every boards, in terms of UK firsts this could be anything, they do provide a series of categories which the stamps could focus on. To begin working on this brief I used the internet to start research in first which have happened in the UK as well things that happened or started in the UK first. This brought up a range of possibilities some obvious and some not so obvious. I felt like a lot of my ideas would ideas that the average person would come up with using internet search. Therefore the final idea/concept I chose was food, as this isn't traditionally something that one might see as a first, but food dishes start somewhere and the UK is famous for a range of dishes. I felt this fitted the brief well and it also related to requirement of the brief that the stamps inspire and surprise the audience. I think this concept does that through getting people to think about great british food again, as many of us forget about the heritage of our cuisine as well are all over commercialised to McDonalds and takeaways. But this concept with get the audience interested the food of our people once again. Additionally it will inspire that nation to get cooking british food again, in there homes and may make them consider what restaurant they next eat at, a pub or a Chinese or indian, or McDonalds. 

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