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Creative Partners: The Concept + Action Plan 2

So me and Greta decided to meet and get cracking with discussing our ideas and moving forward with this brief. Firstly we both shared our ideas with each, each of us pitched to each other about what our thoughts were so far on the brief. We both felt like we had some good ideas and some ideas which overlapped this lead to us combining some of our ideas to move forward. Greta really like the concept that I had come up with of calling the perfume series 'L'Art De Contradiction'  so we both decided this would be our concept and used that to move forward. We both agreed that we needed to think of names for the individual perfumes before we did anything else! Greta had been thinking about natures influence in her designs and possible names we therefore decided to use nature as a lens to create our contradictory names. This ended developing into a sub concept of 'Beautiful disaster' - this was our naming strategy every name would be a beautiful disaster, a name which was a contradiction of nature and its beauty and its disaster. When we began to think about naming the scent this threw up the question how do we make them unisex? This lead to a long discussion and we decided to bend the brief a little and create two female scents and two male scents this was primarily because some of the scents didn't seem masculine such as those described as a 'sublime love' so we split the scent into two male and two female. 
...After many hours spent on the online thesaurus the final names we came up with were

Male scents: Silent Shock and Dark Flame
Female scents: Serene Flux and Gentle Storm

Now we had finally decided on the scents names we decided to look at how this concept of contradiction could be visually convey through the perfume bottle. We both had a range of bottle ideas and through combining these we decided to use two materials to construct the bottle, these being glass and wood, wood representing nature and glass representing the beauty. Further the contrast in materials can be seen as a contradiction. We looked at shape and form of the bottle and explore a variety of shapes and forms but as a result of what glass bottle we could order from the internet we ended up using a square format for the bottle. As we couldn't make the glass part ourselves this limited us to what shapes and forms we could create. We wanted each of the bottle to be split in half exactly and half to be made of wood and the other of glass to show the contradiction furthermore we also wanted a different shape/size between the male and female bottle to again show this contradiction. We wanted the contradiction concept to be shown through everything we designed. 

Finally we moved onto to discussing the packaging concept, with a strong focus on contradiction greta showed me some researched she had found on perorated surfaces and this linked to both our needs to be extremely innovative with out packaging. We came up with the idea that the packaging become a perforated surface in which the user would tear of sections to create patterns and make the packaging individual to them but also this would reveal the perfume and be how the user gets access to the perfume. We also decided at this point that to translate the concept to this the packaging would be completely white and then be patterned on the interior to show a stark contrast between bright white and vidid patterns. We then developed a shape for each of the perfume that would form the perforated shapes for each of the packages and that would also inform the style of pattern inside. This shapes and forms came as a result of the names we gave each perfume. 

Action Plan:
Greta: Develop pattern to be used inside of the packages
Tom: Begin to work with type and layout to create the packaging design as well as apply this to perfume bottle. 

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